Building a process improvement team?

There are many important elements when it comes to the formation of an effective process improvement team.  The identification of ownership, the selection of interdisciplinary, multi-skilled team members, project selection, and the establishment of clear objectives should all be carefully undertaken.  Additionally, the adoption of a structured improvement methodology and the implementation of software solutions can go a long way in providing the standardization necessary to ensure consistency in the approach taken and across the deliverables produced from project to project.

Many improvement methodologies, like Lean and Six Sigma, utilize process diagraming to capture the current state and establish baseline performance measures at the beginning of any improvement project.  Microsoft Visio is one of the most popular drawing and diagramming tools utilized for this purpose.  ProcessView, Bluespring’s add-in to Microsoft Visio, allows users to leverage Visio shape data to transform these static diagrams into repositories of business information with which data-driven decisions can be made about proposed improvements.

ProcessView provides a number of templates and shape stencils (BPMN, ITIL, Lean) to jumpstart process documentation.  As ProcessView leverages native Visio functionality, in addition to these preconfigured templates, custom stencils and templates can also be easily developed to ensure a standardized toolset is used by your process improvement team for modeling and value stream mapping exercises.  This ensures that the data collected from project to project is consistent and, as ProcessView reports are preconfigured, this means the analysis information available after the process model or value stream is constructed and analyzed will also be consistent.

To see how the ProcessView can help your process improvement team standardize, contact us for a demonstration.  To obtain a ProcessView trial, click here


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