Did you know LeanView has built-in data displays?

Value stream maps are visual tools that Lean practitioners use to depict and improve the flow of materials through product and service lines. In addition to showing the flow of materials, these drawings highlight the information that controls the flow of materials through the process. 

LeanView, Bluespring’s value stream mapping and analysis tool, not only uses familiar Lean symbols, concepts, calculations and terminology; it provides preconfigured data displays to enhance these visual tools, allowing key performance indicators to be shown in the context of the drawing. 

Metrics like flow time, value-added time, and first pass yield can be applied to a LeanView drawing with a few simple clicks.  If changes are made to a drawing, key performance indicators can be recalculated quickly and any metrics displayed on the page can be updated immediately; there’s no need to generate new reports to see the impact of the changes made.  This capability makes LeanView a valuable visual tool for describing the performance of a product or service process flow as well as for executing ‘what-if’ analysis to evaluate and quantify the impact of changes to a process.

To see how Bluespring can help you with your value stream mapping and analysis, contact us for a demonstration.  To obtain a LeanView trial, go to bluespring.com/free-trial


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