Did you know LeanView will construct A3 reports automatically?

For Lean practitioners, A3 reports provide a valuable tool for problem solving and continuous improvement.  A3 reports not only serve as a succinct communication tool, but the process of developing an A3 report is illuminating.  While there are many templates available for the construction of A3 reports, most contain the same primary elements: a description of the current situation or problem, future state goals, root cause analysis, and proposed action items and implementation tasks.  Developing these report elements, while time consuming, is an educational exercise and the A3 report requires the resultant information be summarized in a single sheet of paper; this makes it easy to socialize the findings of a Lean process improvement event with stakeholders.

LeanView, Bluespring’s value stream mapping and analysis tool, provides a preconfigured A3 report template with the standard installation.  The LeanView A3 report provides a visual and quantitative comparison between a baseline and alternate value stream state; optionally, a cause and effect diagram and improvement action information may also be incorporated.

To see how Bluespring can help you with your Lean process improvement initiative, contact us for a demonstration.  To obtain a LeanView trial, go to www.bluespring.com/free-trial


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