Did you know ProcessView will identify all probable value streams within a complex network automatically?

Before making changes to an existing process, it is important to first understand how you are performing currently; this allows the establishment of a baseline against which future state performance metrics can be compared to quantify progress or loss.  When composing complex process models, however, it may be difficult to validate that you have an accurate representation of the current state.  ProcessView, Bluespring’s add-in to Microsoft Visio, allows users to deconstruct complex models into their probable linear paths or value streams.  This list of individual value streams can then be sorted by a number of measures, including probability, duration, resource time, and cost.  Any one or any collection of these linear paths can be automatically moved to a new model and the ProcessView analytic engine can be applied to analyze them independently.  This means that users can select the path most frequently traveled (or the longest path, shortest path, most expensive path, etc.) and use these smaller models to validate that the parent model from which they were drawn is a valid representation of the current state.

Not only can ProcessView users employ the path analysis feature to perform model validation, they can also use it for comparative analysis.  Consider a process that has multiple inputs (e.g. walk-in patient versus emergent case) or multiple outputs (e.g. successful hire versus background check failure).  The ProcessView paths list can be sorted by start or end so that users can select all paths that start or end a certain way and move them into a separate model.  The ProcessView Compare Report can then be applied to quantify the difference between any two of these models (e.g. understand the time and cost differences between the care for emergent versus walk-in patients).

To see how the ProcessView path analysis options can work for you, contact us for a demonstration.  To obtain a ProcessView trial, go to bluespring.com/free-trial


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