Do you use swim lanes?

Swim lane (cross functional) diagrams are an excellent tool to capture the process flow and simultaneously indicate the department, function, or party responsible for each activity in the process. 

When creating a process flow inside Microsoft Visio, use of the ‘Cross-Functional Flowchart’ template will allow you to quickly and easily define the swim lanes or functions to be incorporated.  As shapes are added to the drawing canvas, inside a lane (functional band), they are automatically assigned a ‘Function’ attribute and it is automatically populated with the name of the lane in which the shape resides.  When shapes are moved from one lane to another, the ‘Function’ attribute value is automatically updated by Visio.

ProcessView, Bluespring’s add-in to Microsoft Visio, can be used to analyze the time, cost, and capacity performance metrics associated with a process flow.  ProcessView can summarize this information at the process level, at the activity level, for each resource, for each value stream inside the flow, as well as for custom properties added by the user.  ProcessView also contains a ‘classification’ concept that allows the user to report at a category level (e.g. by department, VA/NVA/REQ).  Using the ‘Function’ attribute assigned by Visio and the ‘classification’ concept in ProcessView provides users ability to automatically quantify time, cost, and other variables for each swim lane or function in a complex flow chart.

To see how the ProcessView can help you with swim lane analysis, contact us for a demonstration.  To obtain a ProcessView trial, click here


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