Dynamics CRM + Bluespring’s BPM Suite = Results!

Today, major organizations rely heavily on CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tools to keep track of leads, monitor prospects as they go through the sales process, and keep up with customers after a sale has been made.  Microsoft’s popular Dynamics CRM is responsible for customer management from initial contact through post-sales support.

However, despite all the crucial functions Dynamics CRM does perform, it can benefit from more robust business process automation capabilities.  Especially in more complex enterprise situations, the sales or support process can become stalled, paperwork and files can be lost, and sales opportunities can be missed or mishandled due to lack of communication.  Odds are, your organization cannot afford this kind of inefficiency.

Ineffective communication within various aspects of a typical CRM tool led Bluespring to develop our comprehensive BPM Suite (Business Process Management Suite) software which seamlessly integrates with Dynamics CRM to bridge the gaps where information is most likely to go missing or become “stuck.” 

When companies employ our BPM software, they enjoy immediate integration and automation of every facet of their sales and support process.  With the capability to work with many popular Microsoft applications, Bluespring’s business process management software ensures a smooth flow of work from the time you take on a new lead to the time you close that lead. 

By reducing physical paperwork from highly manual processes, preventing the need to shuffle files and faxes around in person, and eliminating the possibility for crucial paperwork to go missing, our BPM Suite increases productivity while reducing errors.

BPM Suite is designed to extend the function of Dynamics CRM to:

  • Define and manage a process from start to finish, in real time. 
  • Create a visual representation of all processes to better illustrate key milestones and potential bottlenecks.
  • Integrate information with other business applications to promote better awareness and enhanced decision-making.  
  • Easily find the answers to key questions and take immediate action to improve efficiency and customer satisfaction.

The goal – achieved every time our Business Process Management software is properly implemented – is to get the right piece of information to the right person at the right time. 

At Bluespring, we’re all about workflow.  Contact us today to add BPM Suite to your Dynamics CRM solution and get things moving!


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Bluespring is a software development arm of Ascendum Solutions with a singular focus on helping organizations make work flow in Microsoft SharePoint.  We provide software and services that boost an organizations use of SharePoint to get critical information to the right people at the right time ... Read More

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