How to Assess the Impact of Process Changes to your Resource Needs

Identifying the resources required to complete a process or project can be relatively straightforward.  Determining how to allocate resources across multiple processes and projects can be quite difficult; particularly when the time to complete tasks is highly variable and there is little historical data to estimate the resource requirements.

ProcessView, Bluespring’s add-in to Microsoft Visio, provides a static modeling tool that allows users to quickly capture the tasks that make up a process or project, to identify the resources that are required for such tasks, and the amount of time required per resource.  In order to allow process owners and project managers the ability to estimate resource needs in the absence of historical data, ProcessView provides the ability to use a 3-point estimate to describe the required time.  This estimate is composed of the most likely, minimum, and maximum values.  Leveraging the knowledge of subject matter experts, this 3-point estimate can be used to easily describe the work involved and ProcessView will automatically calculate the probable average.  In addition to calculating the average, ProcessView provides a quantitative measure of the variability so that process owners can create resource plans that account for the inherent fluctuation in resource requirements and utilization. See the example report below that ProcessView provides: 

To allow Process Owners and Project Managers the ability to do what if analysis on their As-Is or To-Be processes, Bluespring’s resource planning add-in for ProcessView allows users to determine the appropriate headcount to support the anticipated demand level.  This solution creates an Excel workbook within which what-if analysis can be completed to determine the impact that changes in demand and headcount will have on resource time, utilization, and cost.  See the example below:

To learn more about ProcessView and how it can help you improve your resource allocation plans, contact us for a demonstration.  To obtain a ProcessView trial, please click here.

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