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Many organizations utilize the power and flexibility of SharePoint to stand up an Intranet portal to manage the preponderance of corporate information and communication.  Information abounds across sites within these Intranet's containing all types of data typically by department like:

  • Corporate - General corporate information and news regarding the business climate, press releases, office of the president letters, who's who in the company, etc.
  • HR -  Healthcare forms and changes, General corporate policies and procedures, payroll information, holidays, etc.
  • Accounting - Invoice and billing policies, team sites
  • Procurement - eCommerce site, policies and procedures
  • IT - Incident requests, support FAQ's, departmental information,

As these Intranets age and grow, the ability to find relevant information in these layers of sites, collections, content and meta data begins to erode and even the simplest request leaves the user spending an inordinate amount of time looking through documents and documents and ultimately asking a neighbor where to find the information.  

We've created Visual Search for SharePoint to alleviate these painstaking searches and provide the users a more visual experience in their attempt to find the information they are searching.  Visual Search takes the results coming back from the search (and associated meta data and content) and analyzes these results to provide a semantic list of topics within the group of results). Visual Search takes these topics and presents them in a heat map where instead of scrolling down the page of search results, the user can click on a topic and only see the results that pertain to that topic on the page. 

If you want to improve the user experience and help your users be more productive while searching your SharePoint Intranet, you should take a searious look at Visual Search for SharePoint from Bluespring Software. 

View our brief video on how Visual Search works and the value it provides HERE.


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Bluespring is a software development arm of Ascendum Solutions with a singular focus on helping organizations make work flow in Microsoft SharePoint.  We provide software and services that boost an organizations use of SharePoint to get critical information to the right people at the right time ... Read More

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