Now you can use ProcessView for Value Stream Mapping

Bluespring is proud to announce the release of ProcessView 2.3! In response to requests from our user community to integrate more Lean functionality into ProcessView, we have incorporated a number of changes in the form of new features, functionality and reports. Below are just a few of the new enhancements you’ll find to our best in class Business Process Analysis tool for Microsoft Visio:

New Stencil templates

We’ve added new templates and shape stencils for Business Process flowcharts, Lean Value Stream maps, BPMN diagrams, and ITIL drawings to jump start model creation, allowing for a visually appealing yet seamless analysis of data.

Apply Attributes

Users can now quickly configure activity shapes with Lean data attributes allowing for the capture of waste, indication of first pass yield, and classification of activities as value added, non-value added, or non-value added but required. Thus, reports yield a higher return of informative data to make efficient and effective business decisions.

TakT and Process time                                   A3 Report

Our newly modified Lean Analysis Report compares takt time to elapsed time, summarizes the amount of time and cost classified as value added. It also identifies where waste is present and provides a Pareto analysis to identify performance drivers. The addition of an A3 report provides a visual and quantitative comparison between any two ProcessView models in a single Microsoft Excel sheet.

Download a FREE trial of ProcessView here and start seeing how easy it is to incorporate analytics into Microsoft Visio no matter your preferred  methodology - Lean, Six Sigma, ITIL, BPMN.



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