Why Static models are better than Discrete Event Simulation modeling

For years, Discrete Event Simulation (DES) has been the power tool for analyzing and understanding business processes.  However, DES is extremely laborious and data intensive.  Usually, businesses only have data on process performance and not on the activities that make up the processes.  Often, this leads to the requirement for time studies to plug the gap.  These can dramatically delay the composition of a DES model.  Also, data sampling is a science in and of itself, and must be done correctly – otherwise, the effort may result in ‘garbage-in/garbage-out’.  Because of these complexities, DES model development can consume weeks to months, and can involve significant investment.  Not all processes warrant this level of investment.  As a result, the degree to which the technology can be usefully employed is limited.

ProcessView, Bluespring’s add-in to Microsoft Visio, is a static modeling tool that allows users to create a first order approximate model of the actual business process.  The starting point is a flow chart of the process created with Microsoft Visio.  ProcessView automatically configures the necessary input fields for process data.  Demand, process times, resource requirements, cost, and other characteristics are entered as estimates to describe the expected values (mode) and the range of uncertainty (variance).  ProcessView then applies graph theory and queuing theory to measure the performance characteristics, eliminating the time and effort associated with simulation runs and statistical sampling.  ProcessView automatically reports process performance information in the form of Excel spreadsheets and graphs. 

ProcessView effectively guides teams through a step by step process, enabling them to quickly visualize, model, and validate the current process; identify the best opportunities for improvement; model the results of potential changes; and rapidly produce a business case for change.  This allows attention to be focused on the areas where the greatest impact can be made.  If the investment is warranted, more detailed models (including dynamic simulation) can be developed for those critical areas.

To see how ProcessView can help you analyze the performance of your business process, contact us for a demonstration.  To obtain a ProcessView trial, go to www.bluespring.com


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