Do you know how much time and cost is lost to rework?

The true cost of rework can be very difficult to assess given the multitude of factors involved; both direct and indirect costs are incurred.  Not only are there activity-based labor, material, and equipment costs to be considered (direct costs), but the potential for missed SLAs and reduced cust

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Do you know how much of your process cycle time is of value to your customer?

One of the primary principles in the Lean methodology is to eliminate waste while maximizing customer value.  In order for an action to be considered value-added in this customer-centric approach to improvement, (1) it must be something for which the customer is willing to pay, (2) it must be don

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Are you considering outsourcing?

When carefully planned, outsourcing can provide higher productivity and free resources to focus on business development and innovation.  As one of the strongest incentives for outsourcing is the potential gain in cost efficiency and improved profit margin, it is important that the existing costs

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Bluespring is a software development arm of Ascendum Solutions with a singular focus on helping organizations make work flow in Microsoft SharePoint.  We provide software and services that boost an organizations use of SharePoint to get critical information to the right people at the right time ... Read More

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