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Typically, when searching a database for information, one must enter keywords, search through various results, open and download different documents, and skim those files just to find what they need. Not with Visual Search. This revolutionary search method improves how you and your users view search results and make decisions.

Visual Search for SharePoint reduces search time by providing users a heat map of all the search result topics found using semantic search techniques. Users can click a heat map topic or double click a topic to see subtopics regarding the relevant search results. The results are then filtered in real time to show results for selected subtopic. Users still have access to refinements and other familiar, out of the box search functionalities from SharePoint.

Visual Search saves users time by analyzing keywords within a document without the need to open and download the attachment. Thus, you are able to perform a deep search within the content in a fraction of the time.

Users can then recommend a resultant document found as the most likely choice should another user search a similar term. When a recommended result is returned, Visual Search highlights the result by moving it to the top of the list.

  • Visual Search analytics’ provide feedback and recommendations for improving FAST indexing and content types
  • giving administrators the ability to understand what users are searching on their site, collection or farm.

Here’s how it works:

Instantly visualize results through an innovative heat map.

Visual Search provides a heat map of semantic search topics of all the returns rows from your search. The larger the dimension of the topic within the heat map, the more resultant rows that pertain to that topic.

Swiftly search through returned topics and subtopics.

Within the heat map, a user is able to click on a topic to modify the result set based upon that semantic topic.  If a topic has a lot of results, a double click of the main topic will present a list of subtopics, giving a user the ability to rapidly transform the result set into logical groupings.

Simply analyze key phrases in SharePoint documents.

Instead of opening a result set in Word, PDF, Excel, Visio, etc., click analyze next to the document and Visual Search will analyze all the text within the document and present a semantic heat map of the topics in the document and take you right to the page and paragraph where those topics are discussed.

Revolutionize the way you search.

Mark and recommend documents that prove to be the best choice for similar search criteria done by your peers in the future. When a recommended result is returned, Visual Search highlights the result at the top of the list. 

Manage the search experience for your SharePoint farm.

Analytics demonstrate insight and recommendations into how to improve the search experience, FAST indexing, content types, etc. Administrators are able to monitor and edit recommended results visited by their users.  

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