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The more efficiently a company delivers what the market demands, the more it will increase revenues, lower operating costs, and improve profitability. This is where Lean principles come in: providing a systematic approach to identifying and eliminating waste, or non-value-added activities. When it comes to Lean Transformation, leading organizations in manufacturing, healthcare, and other environments rely on Bluespring’s LeanView to take Value Stream Mapping (VSM) to the next level.

What has traditionally involved a process of butcher paper and spreadsheet calculations, the time-consuming process of VSM is notoriously prone to inconsistency in the quality and completeness of analysis, the format of deliverables, and the effectiveness of outcomes. This process has failed to allow for iterative analysis, scalability, and visibility beyond the immediate term. In the end, this flawed process slows the rate of progress and jeopardizes an organization’s commitment to Lean Transformation.

LeanView stops the madness and allows you to cut straight to the heart of what matters by easily turning native Visio diagrams into dynamic data-driven value stream maps.

Using familiar lean symbols, concepts, calculations, and terminology, LeanView extends Microsoft Visio with a Value Stream Mapping template that delivers these core benefits:

  • Enables teams to more rapidly and consistently visualize, analyze, and transform value streams using proven lean principles.
  • Closes the communication gap by converting VSMs into electronic business intelligence that can be easily shared across the team and enterprise.

Visualize. Analyze. Transform.

Here’s how it works:

Visualize, Define & Validate
Value Streams 

Extend Microsoft Visio with a VSM template. Standard Lean stencils, drag-and-drop drawing, auto-draw capabilities, and event support provide a mapping platform that speeds the VSM process while capturing a comprehensive electronic record.

Assess Value Streams & Prioritize
Opportunities to Remove Waste 

Automate value stream analysis while simplifying and standardizing key value stream assessment measures. LeanView identifies all forms of waste, and provides the information you need to prioritize improvement opportunities. 

Develop Actionable Plans

Identify and categorize efforts, document tasks and responsibilities, and facilitate communication with executives and others. LeanView automatically creates outbriefs in Microsoft PowerPoint and Word to summarize for decision-makers and transform tasks into a plan for execution. 

Share Information to Accelerate,
Sustain & Scale 

Facilitate success, foster collaboration, and show progress by sharing across the entire enterprise. Information generated by the value stream mapping, analysis, and improvement process is standardized to accelerate and scale Lean Transformation

Rapidly Empower a Team

Adhere to Lean concepts with standardized VSM tools built-in. Pre-defined standard shapes, attributes, and calculations accelerate learning and drive consistency.
By using familiar Microsoft platforms, your team can focus on value stream improvement from day one. 

Get started.

Rev up your lean initiatives
with LeanView.

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