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Many organizations have initiated strategic, enterprise-level programs such as Lean Transformation, ITIL, Six Sigma, and Total Quality Management as over-arching frameworks for performance improvement. Regardless of these methods, organizations have a pressing need to drive efficiency gains through some combination of process re-engineering and/ or deployment of new technologies. As all efforts require investment, executives need to be sure they will deliver the desired results before resources are allocated or expenses incurred. 

How do you perform the proper level of analysis quickly and cost-efficiently in order to move forward confidently with important business process improvement efforts? Bluespring Rapid Process Assessment (Bluespring RPA) has been developed to address that exact need. 

Bluespring RPA leads you through a rapid, but thorough, business process assessment, providing management with quantitative data to make informed decisions about business process improvement efforts in half the time of traditional process assessments. Through the use of Bluespring's Business Process Analysis (BPA) tools, a proven, well- structured approach delivers clear visibility to a current business process, a roadmap for improvement, and a detailed business case for change. Similar engagements by most consulting companies take weeks and months longer, cost much more, and rarely deliver the in-depth assessment offered by Bluespring RPA. 

Key Aspects of Bluespring RPA: 

  • Bluespring RPA enables you to thoroughly analyze the existing business process and identify the most impactful opportunities for improvement within a short period of time, with minimal time required from in house personnel 
  • Current- State Process Mapping creates the foundation for analysis by engaging the team to interactively build the "current state" process model, collect process data, test, refine and validate the model in just one day. Process Analysis is then performed by the RPA team to clearly identify process bottlenecks, as well as time and cost drivers, and other key aspects of the process related to the business objectives. 
  • Future State Process Mapping identifies the potential improvements that best address the business objectives by engaging a team in a time- effective session to interactively modify and test the process model. The future state model is based on best practices, team suggestions, the potential for automation, and other possible changes. 
  • Comparative Analysis is performed by the RPA team to create detailed cost, time and other differentials between the current state and future state model(s). This information becomes the basis for prioritizing the process improvement opportunities. 

Powerful BPA Tools Accelerate the Process

The speed of Bluespring RPA is enabled through the use of Bluespring's industry leading BPA toolset, ProcessView. Integrated with Microsoft Visio and SharePoint, ProcessView is used to rapidly develop highly visual and complete current-state and future-state process models, perform analysis and comparisons, and generate detailed outputs that clearly identify and prioritize opportunities for improvement. ProcessView attributes extend Visio to capture the key information needed for each activity to drive analysis. The ability to use averages and ranges for activity factors such as time, cost, and resources, and to apply probabilities to various paths, makes model building both practical and accurate.

The ProcessView Analysis Engine produces a tremendous amount of information from the process model in a matter of minutes. Using sophisticated algorithms to apply Graph Theory for the identification of process paths and Queuing Theory to quantify the impact of variability, it clearly identifies bottlenecks, provides key performance indicators, and calculates resource and activity capacity requirements. ProcessView clearly identifies the activities with the longest times, highest costs, and greatest resource load. They simplify complex processes by isolating and illustrating particular paths within the overall process flow.

Experienced Process Improvement Specialists

Bluespring RPA is performed by a team of process improvements professionals with strong backgrounds in Industrial Engineering and a thorough understanding of the principles of waste elimination (Lean), variability management (Six Sigma), and error prevention (TQM).

The Lead Facilitator leverages extensive process improvement and project management experience to ensure rapid execution, effective use of company resources, and creation of clear management recommendations. A Process Analyst with in-depth knowledge of Bluespring’s BPA toolset produces the extensive analytics and output deliverables upon which the RPA recommendations are based. An IT Specialist is available as needed to provide technical assistance when the use of technology tools is considered for process improvement or automation.

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