BPM Suite

Business process automation. Made practical.

Automate, monitor, and report on the efficiency of any business process automated in SharePoint.

The promise of successful Business Process Management (BPM) in SharePoint is to drive automated processes involving people, systems, data sources, locations, and organizational entities. A fruitful BPM implementation requires perfect alignment of people, timing, and information and the results can be profound: Quality improvements, cost reductions, productivity, accountability, and consistency in the customer experience all await those organizations that can drive a successful BPM initiative.

The Bluespring BPM Suite is a business automation tool that drives business processes involving any combination of people, systems, data, locations, and organizations. It automates, monitors, and reports on the efficiency of these processes for continuous improvement.

Utilizing the Microsoft technology platform, BPM Suite makes business process automation practical for any organization. It is a robust, yet affordable, BPM solution that meets the needs of process owners, process professionals, and IT professionals in a single design, deployment, and process management platform.

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How You’ll Benefit:

Align the right people at the right time with the right information. 

Transition smoothly with software that is already optimized for a Microsoft environment.

Design, automate, and substantiate compliance with established processes.

Easily apply to your specific business needs and industry using a “drag and drop” interface. 

Easily and affordably implement business process automation software typically reserved for larger enterprise organizations.  

Achieve rapid ROI by effectively leading quality improvements, cost reductions, productivity, accountability, and consistency in the customer experience.

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About Bluespring

Bluespring is a software development arm of Ascendum Solutions with a singular focus on helping organizations make work flow in Microsoft SharePoint.  We provide software and services that boost an organizations use of SharePoint to get critical information to the right people at the right time ... Read More

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